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It was the name that called to me - Birth Yourself Midwifery - and the picture on the website of a baby being weighed in a stork's cloth held by tatooed arms. The name pulled me in, the depth of its meaning and resonance was yet to be revealed. I reached out to Kelly.




I had let myself imagine what my ideal journey through pregnancy and childbirth could look like. What kind of support I would want, how I would want to be held. I heard many voices, some of doubt. Where could I possibly find that? Does that even exist? I heard more optimistic voices, too, and the voice of the dreamer, of course. I both could and would find it! And thankfully, there is a place where the soul speaks, that place is wildly alive inside of me. That voice reminded me that there is possibility for this experience that surpasses my greatest imaginings. And THAT IS indeed the place, the space, where my journey into motherhood unfolded.

In our first meeting, I confessed to Kelly how I trusted completely in the choice of pre-natal care from a midwife, and birthing at home. To me it felt like one of the most beautiful, natural, organic, and sacred creative processes that we have available to us as women. I know this and yet I still felt terrified of birth. In her relaxed, compassionate, confidence, she responded with something like ...that's a completely understandable way to feel. I bow to birth. It's a place where you are straddling worlds. Birth and Death... It was that moment I knew Kelly was our midwife. Magically my partner was in full agreement, ...she's our people...

With that calm confidence, from that first meeting, all the way through our last, she held that space, she stood in that place. That of Truth, of Paradox, and of Life's Great Mysteries. This kind of raw authenticity is what I crave in this life. Hers was magnetic.

In all of our meetings I felt seen and heard as a WHOLE Being. I never felt like I was on a clock. I never felt reduced to a chart to be filled out or a series of positive or negative tests.

In all of our meetings I felt seen and heard as a WHOLE Being. I never felt like I was on a clock. I never felt reduced to a chart to be filled out or a series of positive or negative tests. The quality of my thoughts or my self-care through creative expression and intimacy were no less important than what I was feeding myself, how much activity or sleep I was getting. She listened. She asked incredible questions, and often answered my queries both with her humble expertise in this aspect of womanhood, and sometimes with other great questions.

With her support, I followed the cues of my body, my heart, and my baby all the way through, abandoning ALL pre-ordained pregnancy "rules" and let the developing relationship and synergy of baby and me lead the way. She always made herself available outside of our appointments yet I rarely reached out to her because I could hear her wisdom inside me. We, as a team, had our finger on the pulse of the messy wonder of pregnancy AND the messy wonder of this life.

My trepidation about labor and delivery followed me all the way until the end, the final day, where I was literally crawling around on my hands and knees still proclaiming "I'm not in labor." Once she arrived, she danced through that night just as she told me she would and just as she had all along, Present and Hands-off. Another breath of paradox. I felt completely held and yet there was so much space that the experience was no doubt My Own. She allowed me to lead when that was appropriate, even wise, and she stepped right up to the places she knew were her domain. There were only a few moments throughout the process where I needed her in a way I didn't and couldn't have known that I would have needed her, and she was there like the Great Mother herself. Those moments are seared into my heart and soul.

Leading right up to the birth, during the birth, and in the immediate hours following our daughter's birth, Kelly shape shifted. Any hard lines between Woman, Midwife, Sister, Clinician, Mother, Master, Friend, Priestess, Teacher, and Grace were all blurred into One set of hands that held my partner and I as we ushered this Soul, Our Creation, Baby Luna, into this world.

In our first meeting she said, "I Bow to Birth." She repeated it a few times throughout the journey, and then, even in my very altered straddling the two worlds state, I watched her in her devotional practice, Bowing to Birth.

I am forever moved. I am forever changed. I am forever grateful. And I still did not know it yet on that day, but I am Certain now that I was in truth BORN on that day. Woman. Born.


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What would my body be like if she were completely trusted, honored, and hailed as Queen?


What would Birth be like if she were welcomed without any fear or attempts to tame her mystery? How (much more) powerful would women be if we were encouraged as the only authority in our sacred realm of conception, gestation, birth, and postpartum? What would our children be like if they were welcomed into the world humming with the divinity of the Divine Feminine Wildness? What would society be like if our first Earth Side moments were steeped in Faith? I’m not sure. But I’m grateful for the chance to look into these places with the faithful, empowering wise care of my beautiful midwife, Kelly Murphy, and the support of my family and community to walk this initiation according to my heart. And it certainly makes sense the Birth would be considered as our Root.


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Kelly has seen me through many versions of birth that I have experienced since knowing her.  She supported me in the creation of my daughter, with inseminations at home. 


She listened to me, to my questions, my profound desires, and inspired deeper trust in my self and trust in the freedom that comes from surrendering to that which is bigger than us and what that has to teach us.  When I worried about how difficult it was for me to get pregnant with my first baby, she pointed me inward, being with my self now, not then, reminded me that this was its own journey, to listen, to trust what I know most deeply, and to invite it all in as opportunity for growth.  She reminded me to love myself in the process and this brought me to a place of palpable joy in being with it all, the beauty in getting to do this life.  She cared for my body, supported me in nourishing myself in all the ways, supported my spirit profoundly, as well as the spirit of my baby yet to come in, while showing up fully and offering her own.  There are many paths to conception, each journey its own unique, revealing experience.  I felt so deeply nourished in this process because of the alignment and creative energy I felt within myself, and the alignment I felt with Kelly and the space that was held for me to be right there, honoring the mystery of it all, the things that we do not get to know for sure, but can feel, and choose to keep faith in.

I got pregnant with our IUIs at home, and we shifted into prenatal care, such incredible beauty in moving through together, relationship continuing and expanding into the next place.  Her knowing, intensely loving hands on my belly week by week, intimate and ever deepening connection with my baby, and with me.  Her steady, deep devotion to the growth of me as a woman as we moved through the weeks, her eyes, ears and heart wide open to receiving me and anything I wanted to bring forth.  

She sat by me as I labored, holding fiercely loving space for me, intimate, silent and yet so much in that silence, exactly what I needed.  Feeling her there with me, her knowing of that which served me most, so tuned to me and to birth moving through in those early morning hours.  Birth consumed me, she moved in closer, held me while I held myself, placing a loving and steady hand on me, grounding and nourishing me in the expanse.  My daughter emerged, into her hands, the hands that had helped create her all those months before, a powerful full circle experience of existence, of connection, of trust.  I sat with my baby, with my midwife, with my self in the raw life of it all, clear, in love, alive.   

My daughter emerged, into her hands, the hands that had helped create her all those months before, a powerful full circle experience of existence, of connection, of trust.

These are pieces of a sacred journey and relationship shared, and there are many more.  These pieces are so deeply woven into the fabric of me, but what I want to say, what really penetrates me in reflecting on this relationship is her offering of strong presence.  Serious space was held for me to keep turning in and on, to me, to listen to my truth, and trust it, with her as deeply loving guide and witness to it all.  She showed up again and again to serve, not just my body and my baby, but me as a woman doing my work in the world. She did not hesitate to do what she needed to do to take care of me in all the ways, using her hands when my bleeding needed to stop, calling me to presence when I needed it, while honoring so deeply what she knew of me and what I stand for.  She would push back on me with vital love, she would hold the Yes, keep going, and also the silent tender space for me so I could hear my own voice loud and clear, being seen and heard in the integration of my experience.  

This, all of this, continues to inspire passionate engagement with my self, my truth, my babies, my calling, my work, and the life that authentically flows from this commitment and devotion.  The gratitude I have for how Kelly has shown up for me is lifetimes full.  She is my Midwife.  She will always be my Midwife.

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When I was first introduced to the idea of women giving birth at home, it just made sense.


Circumstances are different for everyone, but without any foreseen complications and feeling in my heart like it's the way such an experience is meant to be had- in a comfortable setting, with as little interference as possible- home birth was decided. It has been done by millions of women over time, after all.

But what it comes down to is that Kelly is one of the most intuitive people I have ever met, which is the truest form of trust.

After first meeting Kelly, we knew she was the midwife for us.  She is unapologetically herself, which enabled us to feel deeply comfortable and be true to ourselves. She presented us with information and responded to questions in a way that was unbiased and put very little pressure on us. This allowed us to make both informed and confident decisions all along the way.

We chose to give birth to our second babe on Kauai, and while Kelly was based out of San Francisco, her ability to hold space for us and our unique birthing journey was unparalleled.

Kelly is authentic, knows how to truly love, and is down to earth. Her wisdom far surpasses her years, and her cool awareness is calming. All enjoyable traits to be around. But what it comes down to is that Kelly is one of the most intuitive people I have ever met, which is the truest form of trust. In my humble opinion, that is the type of person you want guiding you through the wild and crazy journey that is birth. 


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Home is where I always imagined we would be when our baby arrived. I wanted to bring my child into the world in my space, at my own pace, surrounded by the presence of strength and quietude.



I immediately felt a strong connection to Kelly. Her calming spirit and affable ease was comforting and familiar.

Our prenatal visits were times that will always be marked in my memory. Our relationship grew as quickly as my belly did. Our visits were spent sitting on the couch, drinking tea, discussing my fervid waves of emotions and the growing babe inside of me. She helped me rediscover my courage and inner strength. The breadth of Kelly’s confidence and knowledge gave us reassurance. She gave us all the time we needed, our questions never left unanswered. Our pregnancy felt significant and important, just as it should have.

As my body healed and focused on being a nourishing well for my baby, Kelly was there to answer any questions we had about breastfeeding and postpartum.

We spoke about what we wanted for the birth and with Kelly's guidance and support, the day was a vision of strength, personal growth, beauty and an intangible release of old spirit and doubt. I rested in my own bed with my baby boy asleep on my husband's chest beside me. This was how Kelly left us that incredible night and how she saw us the next day when she came for our first postpartum visit. The newest chapter of our life had begun, and she was there to alleviate times of new parent anxiety and remind us to enjoy each awe-inspiring moment with a slow healing pace. As my body healed and focused on being a nourishing well for my baby, Kelly was there to answer any questions we had about breastfeeding and postpartum.

I have so much respect and admiration for midwives and the community they create for families. They offer extensive knowledge and a support that is extremely comforting during that remarkable and challenging first few months of your baby's life. I feel honoured to be apart of this community and cherish the growing relationship I have with it. Midwifery is a true reminder of a woman's natural power and relentless strength.

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Kelly Murphy — the perfect presence for ushering a soul from that realm to this one.



She is open to you and true to her craft, in a way that can range anywhere across the spectrum from “not interfere” to “positively augment” the birth experience.  Just tell her what you want.  Our little family launched some pretty wild ideas toward her surrounding the birth, and Kelly didn’t even flinch.  She seamlessly held space for our vision, while bringing the infinite wisdom surrounding birth to serve as witness to The Transition.  Kelly nurtured my masculine role in such a sacred feminine space where it would have felt easy to disappear.

If you want to feel comfortable under the wise guidance of a baby-Shaman through the entire process of your partner’s pregnancy and home birth, I submit two powerful words for your consideration: Kelly. Murphy.

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I keep coming back to feeling like words are inadequate to express the depth of my gratitude.



This shouldn’t surprise me as any attempt to capture the experience of Labor and Birth inherently closes it out. 

Any preparation or anticipatory control I thought I had went by the wayside in the wake of the force of nature that took hold of me- the birth of new life. In fact, in all its pain and rawness, the memory of the experience is in some ways as fleeting in its leaving as it was sudden and mysterious in its coming. 

For all the resistance that came up in me, I feel so incredibly fortunate to have lived the pivotal experience of Birth, just as it is- realizing how in comparison so much of living is like a dream dulled out. 

And Kelly, I know I did it, but honestly, without your guidance through the valley of darkness returning me back again + again to my own center and my own power to endure, I would not have been able to do it. 

When I hit what I thought was my limit, you were ever present, an angel with grounding and a strong voice- and your confidence in me and in the process enabled me to dig deeper and stay with it.

When I hit what I thought was my limit, you were ever present, an angel with grounding and a strong voice- and your confidence in me and in the process enabled me to dig deeper and stay with it. 

So often I found my mind escaping into debilitating thoughts, I can’t, how much longer- unable to let go of the gripping pain and tension of the last contraction and slipping into fear of the next one. 

Being in labor, being at the mercy of life moving through me in such an intense way gives me insight into the purpose of all those years of meditation- the practice of staying in the moment- difficult enough for a few seconds on the cushion. 

For me, the experience of labor was an unexpected opportunity to come face to face with myself. 

To recognize my unwillingness to wait patiently for her arrival, and then when it came- my unwillingness to enter the fire of giving birth to her. And ultimately, to discover the profound love I found in myself in the process. I will never forget that moment when Emily was flung onto my chest- her beautiful, innocent little coos. She looked up at me with recognition in her eyes. Pure Grace. 

As I continue to give birth to myself each day as a mother, I hear my- I can’t - arise, and I hear your words become my own. So after giving birth, I see this as just the beginning of birthing myself. 

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Our journey began when I was pregnant with my first.



I had found out I was pregnant and knew from the beginning that this was going to be something so special and I was in search of someone who I could connect with to honor these feelings. I googled "Bay Area at home births", and between the ones that came, Birth Yourself Midwifery, now Women Born, caught my eye.

Enter Kelly- we met and upon chatting and getting to know one another I realized her professionalism has so many layers.  Kelly gives off that " I've known you before, I know you now and I know who you are becoming" vibe. It is unlike anyone I've ever met. We were together for a few short weeks, before I found out I was miscarrying.

Her immediate yet calm attention and wisdom gave me the strength to get through the healing time of it all.  Even days after she checked in on me in a way that made me feel taken care of.  

Her immediate yet calm attention and wisdom gave me the strength to get through the healing time of it all.

I knew right then that when the time came again~ she would be the one.

In the months after that we came into contact again for baby number 2 and we got right in just as I had imagined. Our visits were filled with true respect, a safe space for discussing things about myself and my partner. Every meeting with her she would share something that would ease my growing body mind and spirit ~  from nutritional information, resources for new parents, info on genetic screening, vitamin k research all the way to self care routines to help with aches and pains and low energy. Anything and everything we wanted to know she supported us. It filled my soul up with magic as I unraveled pieces of myself to her whilst finding this immense strength and power I have as a woman.  

While I was going through it she held a loving space for letting go of the beliefs, filters, people, mindsets, environments and things seen and unseen that I can let go because they no longer serve this part of my journey. 

She reminds me that I am all that I need to be and that it is all still so beautiful even when it isn't pretty, even when it all feels messy and especially when it hurts. It is still beauty. I digested and released so much to make my birth happen.

With the days leading up to the birth she begins her at home visits which are so great in those final weeks. Her availability during the transitioning into labor was just the right amount. She really allows you to have it your way and encourages you to trust your instincts.  Kelly and Britt shared our home for 19 hours of a wild and feral transformational labor. When things picked up I required different levels of support. Kelly allowed me to explore all the ways needed to make it through the next wave of contractions until the rebirth of myself and the birth of my child.

What a saint and savior she is. In the postpartum weeks she surpassed my expectations in being so so supportive for this new mama. It truly all began and ended so fast. I know in my bones that Kelly is a gift from the universe and that our meeting together was so purposeful. It's not too often that people like her come around and change your life forever!! Rock on Kelly!!

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As the father to be, I just thought pregnancy was all about my wife and preparing for our baby’s arrival. I didn't realize how important my role was too, until we met Kelly. 



At first, I didn’t know what to expect from our monthly (and soon weekly) appointments. I learned that my presence was important, vital, and needed for the transition that I too was going to go through. I was anxious, nervous, excited. Kelly helped me navigate through all of that. Not only to prepare for birth, but to prepare for my role as a new dad.

I really felt blessed attending our sessions leading up to birth. I found a new sense of being as a husband. I found a new sense of being as a man. I found a new sense of what fatherhood is and how I can "BE" with my son every day on this planet. How? Because of Kelly and the gift of wisdom, honesty, warmth, love, and guidance she shared with my wife and I. 

The work we did together as a couple with Kelly forever changed and shifted our marriage.

I remember the early part of pregnancy visiting the hospital nurses before we discovered Kelly. Everything was rushed, cold, and alone. I felt like my wife and I were swinging from branches, always feeling so fearful about the health of our baby when nothing was wrong. Fear. That was a consistent theme before we decided that we needed to discover a different path for our first born.

The work we did together as a couple with Kelly forever changed and shifted our marriage. She empowered me as a father. She addressed the new feelings that grew inside of me the closer we got to birth. With Kelly, I felt a deeper connection with my with wife — something that continues to be fruitful as we navigate through parenthood. She showed me that this journey of “birth” is a gift, and that we are capable (more than capable) of moving through this together.

When I look back, I remember listening to our son in the womb as his heart beat through Kelly’s stethoscope. It's one of the most memorable things in my life and our marriage.

I would say to any expecting fathers to join in these sessions and allow yourself to open up fully. Our children, our wives, our partners need us, as we need them.