Being a midwife is my life’s work. It is holy work.

It is a privilege to be a holder of these ancient practices and ways of being in service to women, babies, families and community.


Midwives who came before me, who shared the teachings with the stories of their lives and work seeded my practice. 

The textbooks studied nourished strong roots of knowing.  Most of this beginning was at Maternidad La Luz, a busy birth center in El Paso.  I steeped in hundreds of births there, witnessed many versions. 

I learned Birth by watching it and feeling it in my hands.  I learned Birth with other women, from women.  I fell in love with Birth. 

It was here that I devoured the architecture of midwifery, that which can be learned by study.  It was also here that I began to awaken to the expansive, limitless terrain that is the craft of midwifery, and that is the art I devote my life to. 


It is women and babies who teach me about the depths and breadths of midwifery. 

Each story, each version, each call to listen, witness, love, contain, usher and protect expands and refines my practice.  It is a resolute honing of skills, intuition, ferocity and grace.  It is artistry learned by opening, allowing, receiving, and collaborating with forces I cannot see, prove, command, or always understand. It is continuously growing my Faith in the ritual of Birth, in her penetrating potential to reveal and heal. It is wisdom informed by the personal and universal meeting of Self by walking my own life path: living my own feminine rites, needing my own midwife, being a woman.  It is the daily commitment and recommitment to doing the work of this life and my whole-hearted devotion to midwifery.


It is a most intimate invitation to midwife. To hear soul stories. To witness. To revel in gritty mystery. To honor pain as sacred and Birth as truth. To hold: women in their becoming, babies as they pull their first breaths, families as they are born. To celebrate Life.

The work that I am most compelled by, is the Birth of the woman, the pieces of her that get woke and remembered, her own unrelenting truths, how she integrates them, how she is turned on to her Self, and to her Life. This is what interests me.  And this to me is the highest service of midwifery care.


I've been practicing midwifery for 10 years, and have attended 600+ births.  I am based in San Francisco, at theROOT in Noe Valley, and offer midwifery services for all stages and ages and births of all kinds in SF and the northern peninsula.



Britt Eldridge, Apprentice


My passion lies in being present, with eyes and heart wide open, for this life and all of its teachings.  For being deeply alive and holding fiercely loving space for women while they do the same, bringing their truths forward, being awake in their experience of the world,

alive in their birthing, alive in their parenting, alive in elation and in pain, in all the stages of life.  This is the heart of what it means to me to Midwife.  I believe that Midwifery is a practice with ultimate reverence for life, saying yes to it in all its colors.


I trust birth and its wisdom.  I believe that birth brings the truth - sometimes what we want, always what we need.  I am committed, and recommitted more deeply through each experience that I am invited in to, to being in service of carrying this forward.  It is an incredible privilege to hold space for women to delve into the unknown, and also the deepest knowns.  Allowing birth in its many forms to open you, gently or wildly, so that you can source from yourself, your truth, your strength, your ferocity.  Embrace birth as your teacher.  Expand your heart and soul in the process of integrating and deepening into what this shows you about your self.  Standing in it and for it, the journey that is uniquely yours.

Learning through apprenticeship is deep, intentional, and intimate.  It honors women and their strength, their inner wisdom and stories as powerful teachers.  It reveres the lineage of guidance that has come through the midwives before.  It is a profound honor, this invitation to learn and deepen in my understanding and experiencing of this ancient work with Kelly.  I am continually in awe of the ways that this work grounds me, awakens the knowing that is in my blood, and continues to teach me the art of being alive and being of service to the families I am with.